Our company - Codemetrix GmbH

Codemetrix brings IT security to your company. Suitable IT security enables you to avoid expensive incidents, reduce directors’ personal liability risk, and give your customers and employees more protection.

Security is supposed to support, not hinder, your business processes. We tailor our solutions to your individual needs. We believe that security should not be an expensive undertaking, and together with you, we strive to implement an appropriate level of security for your needs. Frequently, external factors oblige companies to implement enhanced security measures in a very short space of time. We offer fast and uncomplicated advice, identify the most urgent problems and show you how to achieve a lot through relatively simple measures.

We cover not only the formal side, such as how to comply with international standards, but can also help to establish a permanent security culture which makes your company fit for the future in terms of security – because the significance of IT, and therefore the need to protect data and processes, will grow with increasing digitalisation.

Our wide-ranging experience covers the following: ISO27001; BSI basic protection; PCI-DSS and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);hardening of modern software and server systems; cloud-based infrastructures and firewall configurations and specific hacking techniques for applications; desktop computers, networks and software. We provide comprehensive consultancy with a focus on SSDLC, SecDevOps, cloud and application security and will be glad to accompany your technical team through specific threat scenarios and exploitation techniques. We focus not only on your applications but also on the organisational framework and on efficient implementation within your organisation.